For one who is fond of fried dish, Batter-Fried Tiny Fresh Water Prawns is the recipe you shouldn’t miss. It’s not only tasty, but its steps and ingredients are also easy to follow and prepare.

500 grams tiny fresh water prawns
1 tablespoon stroked coriander root, garlic and pepper with 1 egg
½ cup cool and clean water
Oil for frying
1 bag Gold Label® Tempura Flour
Gold Label® Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken

1. Wash tiny fresh water prawns with clean water, and then drain them.
2. Mix Gold Label® Tempura Flour, an egg, and cold water together. Next, add the prawns and mix them together until the flour is on the prawns thoroughly.
3. Heat the frying pan, and add the large quantity of oil. Set the moderate heat, and wait until the oil is hot that is suitable for adding the prawns. During frying, a group of batter-fried prawns should not be turned upside down to prevent cracking and becoming greasy. Next, wait until they turn yellow and crispy, and then put into the sieve or the oil-absorbing cooking paper to drain the oil. Later, they can be served with Gold Label® Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken.