This vegan dish is crispy and delicious; you can find the ingredients easily without spending a lot of time preparing them.

1 bag Gold Label® Tempura Flour
2-3 cups cold water
½ teaspoon baking soda
Vegetable oil
Gold Label® Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken

1. Pour Gold Label® Tempura Flour into the cup, followed by baking soda and cold water, and then mix them together.
2. Put them into the frying pan over the moderate heat. Next, add enough oil by expecting that it can float the vegetables. Next, dip the prepared vegetables with the mingled flour, fry them. Later, put them one by one into the pan until the pan is full of vegetables, but the vegetables should not be added too many. After that, fry them until they become crispy and turn yellow, and then bring them on the sieve or the oil-absorbing cooking paper before serving with the Gold Label® Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken.