The ingredients of this recipe are easily found and prepared, or the leftovers in your fridge can be used up for this recipe.

1 cup frozen cooked rice
120 grams pork fillet
1 handful of kales
1 tablespoon Maekrua® Oyster Sauce
½ tablespoon Gold Label® Seasoning Sauce, Yellow Label

1.Heat oil over the medium heat. Wait until the oil is hot, and add the pork. Stir until the pork is cooked.
2.Add the clean and cut kales into the pan. Stir them thoroughly. Next, add cooked rice at the normal temperature, and keep stirring.
3.Season the fried rice with Maekrua® Oyster Sauce and Gold Label® Seasoning Sauce. Stir and mix them together. Next, put them into the plate for serving.