This dish suits ladies who aren’t fond of having the fried dish or who are on diet as it is low in calories and oil free.

300 grams Chicken
2 teaspoons Maekrua Gold Label® Soya Sauce Formula 1
1 tablespoon Maekrua® Oyster Sauce
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon Gold Label® Seasoning Sauce, Green Label
Sliced gingers
1 tablespoon sliced shiitakes

1. To begin with the chicken preparation, wash the chicken with clean water. Slice it into a proper size, and then place it under room temperature in the bowl for a while.
2. Mix Maekrua® Oyster Sauce, Gold Label® Seasoning Sauce, Maekrua Gold Label® Soya Sauce Formula 1, pepper and sugar together, and then pour them into the prepared chicken.
3. Slice the mild ginger into lines, and cut the Celery. Put the immersed shiitake into the chicken. Next, heat the pot, and wait until the pot is hot. Put the chicken with shiitake into the pot for steaming for 15-20 minutes. The total steaming time depends on the suitability. After the chicken is well cooked and soft, it can be put into the plate for serving.