It is a must-try recipe. This dish is not only easy to cook, but also soft and tasty by the well potted and seasoned vermicelli.

5-10 cloves of garlic pounded
3-4 slices of ginger
Coriander root
Powdered black pepper
Pork leaf fat
1 tablespoon Maekrua Gold Label® Soya Sauce Formula 1
1 tablespoon Maekrua® Oyster Sauce
1 tablespoon Gold Label® Seasoning Sauce, Green Label 2 teaspoons sweet black soya sauce
1 tablespoon Chinese wine

1. Immerse the vermicelli and shiitake in water. After that, mix unsweetened milk, powdered black pepper, Maekrua Gold Label® Soya Sauce Formula 1, Maekrua® Oyster Sauce, Gold Label® Seasoning Sauce, sweet black soya sauce, and Chinese wine together for making the sauce.
2. After the vermicelli and shiitake are soft, mix the vermicelli with a few drops of dark soya sauce, and then slice the shiitake into lines.
3. Prepare the pot by place the pork leaf fat into the pot first, followed by ginger, cloves of garlics, coriander roots, black pepper, fresh shrimps, and immersed vermicelli respectively. Pour the prepared sauce on the top, and close the lid. Later, heat over the moderate heat for 10 minutes, and always observe the pot conditions and shake it just a little for mingling. Then, add parsley before serving.