This tofu dish is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Your meal will be more special with this special and savory gravy recipe.

1 egg tofu
Finely diced onions
Finely diced carrot
½ cup water
3 teaspoons corn flour mixed with water
2 tablespoons Maekrua® Oyster Sauce
2 teaspoons Maekrua Gold Label® Soya Sauce Formula 1
1 teaspoon powdered Pepper
2 tablespoons vegetable Oil for
Finely sliced spring onions

1. Slice the egg tofu in a proper size, and then add vegetable oil into the frying pan over the moderate heat. Next, wait until the oil is hot, and fry the sliced tofu until it becomes light golden yellow. Then, put the fried tofu on sieve and place at the room temperature.
2. Preheat the frying pan, and wait until the oil is hot. Put the diced onions into the frying pan, and fry until they start turning yellow. Later, add the minced pork, and stir it until done. Add the shiitake, Maekrua Gold Label® Soya Sauce Formula 1, Maekrua® Oyster Sauce, and powdered pepper, and then mix them together. After that, pour little water, and wait until it is boiled. Add the diced carrot, followed by corn flour. Keep stirring until the gravy is well boiled and sticky.
3. Pour the gravy over the fried egg tofu before serving.