Gold Label® Seasoning Sauce, Yellow Label

NET CONTENT 700 C.C. Packing 1*12
NET CONTENT 4,500 C.C. Packing 1*3
NET CONTENT 25 Kg. Packing Gallon

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Its taste is perfect as our Gold Label® Seasoning Sauce is made with high-quality soybeans that are rich in protein and provide you nutritional benefits without any preservatives. The sauce is made with water, soybeans, salt, and sugar that give your dish the unique and flavorful taste. It is suitable for meat preservation and other types of your dish. Simply pour a few drops, and mix with your food to enhance the flavor of your favorite dish.

Ingredients of Gold Label® Seasoning Sauce Yellow Label
Soy bean sauce (Protein 15 %) 53.00%
Water 38.18%
Sugar 5.90%
Iodized Salt 2.90%
Add food enhancer/span> 0.02%
(Disodium 5′-Inosinate and Disodium 5’-Granulate)

Hallmark: Gold Label® Seasoning Sauce Yellow Label

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