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Gold Label® Tempura Flour

NET WT. 150 GMS.    Packing 1*72

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Gold Label® Tempura Flour is made with premium wheat flour, and manufactured by modern and hygienic food processes. Its ingredients are wheat flour, rice flour, glutinous flour, baking powder, and salt that can make your deep-fried food crispy longer.

Ingredients of Gold Label® Tempura Flour
Wheat Flour 81.00%
Corn Flour 6.00%
Rice Flour 5.00%
Glutinous Flour 3.00%
Baking Powder 1.00%
Salt 1.00%
Spices mixed MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and RIBOTIDE (Disodium 5′-Inosinate and Disodium 5’-Granulate) added 3.00%

HallMark : Gold Label® Tempura Flour