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On behalf of Chuew Huad Company Limited, its affiliates, board of directors, and staff, we are very proud and grateful for managing the business coupled with promoting ethic and morality in Thai society since the company was founded in 1977 by Mr. Sathit Khanchanawisittaphol and Mrs. Nguay Khanchanawisittaphol. The company aims to thoroughly manage its quality honestly and sincerely to nationwide customers. In terms of business management, the company intends to share success with society through its CRS projects such as projects “พี่สอนน้อง เรื่องอาหารกระป๋องปลอดภัย” (Buddy System on the topic of safe canned food), “คิดใส ใจสะอาด เพื่อชาติ เพื่อในหลวง ปี พ.ศ. 2558 และพ.ศ. 2559” (Kidsai Thailand 2015 and 2016), and “อุ่นไอรัก 360 องศา จากตราแม่ครัว” (Donating sheets for disaster victims and Buddhist books for 20,000 nationwide school libraries etc. ) in order to participate in the campaign for creating goodness that is beneficial to society and country in every field, including religion, education, culture, sport, and environment. These success and goodness are caused by the creativity power and relationships between the company and every nationwide members.
Finally, the company would like to announce intention to constantly produce good and high-quality products, and manage the business, coupled with sustainably sharing to the society and country.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Settee Khanchanawisittaphol